If you or your loved one was arrested, charged, or criminally accused in Chicago or Illinois, call Chicago criminal defense attorney Maksim Tikhvinskiy. He has knowledge, experience, resources and courage to fight for you. Next, attorney Tikhvinskiy successfully defended hundreds of individuals. Those people were facing all types of misdemeanors and felonies. As a result, by hiring Attorney Tikhvinskiy, you are sending the strong message to prosecutors.


In the first place, criminal defense lawyer Maksim Tikhvinskiy takes a fierce approach to fighting for your rights. From the moment when you hire Attorney Tikhvinskiy, he starts preparing your case for trial. Moreover, lawyer Tikhvinskiy never uses a wait and see approach when his client’s life is on stake. Thus, he will never stop negotiating to dismiss your case. As a result, Chicago criminal defense attorney Tikhvinskiy will talk to every witness and litigate every motion. Your story will be heard!


Maksim Tikhvinskiy fights for his clients’ rights in many counties all over Illinois. Every county in Illinois is different. Additionally, every county has its own rules. However, Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney Tikhvinskiy has expertise and a track record of successfully defending clients’ rights in counties and all over Illinois. It does not matter where you have a problem. Experienced attorney Maksim Tikhvinskiy will help you anywhere.



In Illinois, Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs (DUI) is a serious crime. As a result, a person arrested for DUI faces severe criminal and administrative penalties. Often, you can lose your freedom and your driving license. Thus, people convicted of DUI struggle for years to get their driving licenses back. However, do not worry, Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney Tikhvinskiy will help you to save your freedom, criminal record and your driver’s license.

It is always a stress when a police officer gives you a traffic ticket. Do not worry. Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney Tikhvinskiy handled hundreds of traffic tickets for his clients in courts. Whatever you traffic ticket is, he saw it before. In many cases, Attorney Tikhvinskiy will be able to successfully resolve your case and keep your driving record clean. Thus, your insurance rates will not go up. Often, you do not even do not need to go to court for that and could save your day.

First, aggravated speeding charge is different from traffic tickets. In Illinois, aggravated speeding is a criminal offense. It could be a Class A or B misdemeanor. Thus, by driving too fast the driver can get a jail sentence with a criminal conviction on the record. Additionally, the driver will have to pay a hefty fine. Due to the severity of these consequences, if you were charged with aggravated speeding you should immediately call Criminal Defense Attorney Maksim Tikhvinskiy.

In Illinois, Assault is another serious violent offense. However, Assault is different from Battery. Battery involves hitting or striking a person. At the same time, a prosecutor does not have to show physical contact to prove assault. Nevertheless, a crime of simple assault is a defensible offense. Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney knows many ways how to defend you and your loved ones against assault charges in Illinois. Call for legal help!

Battery is a very serious violent offense. For example, even a simple battery charge could result in a hefty fine and prison time. Not to mention that a battery conviction will affect your professional and personal life. You could lose your family. Additionally, battery could be a felony. Felonies carry lengthy prison sentences. You need skilled and fearless Attorney Tikhvinskiy on your side to successfully fight your battery charge.

In Illinois, police and prosecutors take domestic violence allegations extremely seriously. As a result, prosecutors almost never drop domestic violence charges. Next, they will prosecute you even if the alleged victim does not want to press charges. additionally, a domestic violence conviction will stay on your criminal record forever and will destroy your reputation and life. Hiring a Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney should be your first step to protect your rights.

Often, people think that assault is a minor offense. Regretfully, this is wrong. Illinois Aggravated Assault is another severe violent offense. Moreover, Aggravated Assault charges are considerably more serious than simply assault charges. Thus, the penalties for Aggravated Assault could result in long prison terms. However, a knowledgeable Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney can help you to get charges against you reduced or dropped. Therefore, it is vital that you call Attorney Tikhvinskiy ASAP!

First, Aggravated Battery is an extremely serious offense. If the judge of jurors find you guilty of Aggravated Battery, you will likely go to prison. Additionally, you will have a violent crime on your record. Thus, a conviction for Aggravated Battery will have life-altering consequences for you and your loved ones. Therefore, you need to call Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney who successfully represented different clients who were facing aggravated battery charges all over Illinois.

Often, the difference between a domestic battery and an aggravated battery charge is minor. As a result, in Illinois, prosecutors often enhance charges from simple battery to aggravated battery. However, you should know that Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney is experienced in defending Aggravated Domestic Battery Charges. As a result, during his career, Attorney Tikhvinskiy has consistently managed to persuade state’s attorneys to reduce Aggravated Domestic Battery charges for his clients.

If police arrested you for a drug crime, you should hire Attorney Tikhvinskiy as soon as possible. As a matter of fact, drug crimes are complicated. Additionally, prosecutors can file multiple charges against you for the same illegal activity. However, a skilled Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney could negotiate a sentence that will not affect your criminal record. Thus, if you want to fight your drug case, call Maksim Tikhvinskiy for a consultation

Did police recently arrest you for possession of drug paraphernalia? First of all, possession of drug paraphernalia is a criminal offense in Illinois. As you know, the Illinois Legislature possession of small amounts of cannabis. However, possession of drug paraphernalia in Illinois is still Illegal. At the same time, there are defenses available to you. Therefore, you need to take an important step toward protecting your rights and call Drug Paraphernalia Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney Tikhvinskiy.

Under the Illinois Controlled Substances Act, the knowing possession, manufacture and delivery of controlled substances is illegal. Next, the illegal possession of any controlled substance usually is a felony. Thus, the judge can sentence a person guilty of possession, for example, of cocaine to a lengthy prison sentence. As a result, you will lose your freedom and your future. However, skilled Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney Tikhvinskiy knows many defenses available to you.


Actually, a lot of people believe that sex crimes are the most despicable crimes at all. Usually, they carry lengthy prison sentences. Almost always, if the judge or jurors find the defendant guilty of a sex offense, he or she will have to register as a sex offender for life. Thus, if you suspect that police officers started an investigation against you, you should call Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney Tikhvinskiy as soon as possible.

First of all, public indecency is a criminal offense in Illinois. At the same time, there are many instances when police could arrest a person for the offense of indecent exposure. Moreover, Illinois law specify it as a sex offense. Thus, it is not just a violation. Additionally, it is a very embarrassing charge. However, Criminal Defense Attorney Maksim Tikhvinskiy knows many defenses that are available to people charged with public indecency.

Illinois law includes disorderly conduct in the group of offenses that affect public health, safety and decency. As a result, the definition of disorderly conduct is very vague. Moreover, Police officers routinely use the offense of disorderly conduct to arrest people who are intoxicated. Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney represents people charged with Disorderly conduct in Cook County and its surrounding areas, including Lake, McHenry, Kane, DuPage and other counties.

There are different types of theft crimes. In Illinois, those offenses could be misdemeanors or felonies depending on how much a person allegedly stole. Moreover, some crimes could be either a misdemeanor or a felony based on the criminal history of the accused. If you have been charged with a theft crime, call Attorney Tikhvinskiy to discuss your best legal strategy.

Retail theft is stealing of property from the store. In Illinois, all major retail chains and small stores invested heavily in shoplifting detection. Always keep in mind that Illinois law severely punishes people who steal from retailers. It could be a misdemeanor or a felony. However, you are not alone! Attorney Tikhvinskiy knows many ways to defend you against retail theft charges.

A person commits the crime of “Bad Checks” when that person writes a check while he or she does not have enough funds on the bank account. Moreover, the same criminal law applies to cancelling payment on a check to commit fraud. Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer understands that even good people accidentally write bad checks! Call Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer for a consultation!

Illinois auto theft laws severely punish people for stealing cars. Thus, it does not matter whether it is a Rolls-Royce or Toyota. Usually, it is a felony. Sometimes, it is a class X Felony! As a result, a prosecutor will never simply dismiss your case! If you have been charged with an auto theft crime, call Chicago Attorney Tikhvinskiy!

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