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Chicago Battery Criminal Defense Attorney
Chicago Battery Criminal Defense Attorney

Chicago Battery Criminal Defense Attorney Explains What Battery in Illinois Is.

Often, a lot of people use terms assault and battery interchangeably. However, assault and battery are to separate criminal offenses. At the same time, under Illinois Criminal Code, both battery and assault are offenses directed against people. Always keep in mind that those are violent crimes. Therefore, if you are facing violent crimes charges, you need a professional and aggressive defense from an experienced Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney Tikhvinskiy. Chicago Battery Criminal Defense Attorney represents clients on a variety of violent crimes charges in including different batteries.

Simple Battery in Illinois.

Simple battery occurs when a person causes bodily harm to another person or makes a physical contact of an insulting or provoking nature with another person. First, a person should make that contact knowingly and without legal justification. As a result, the law requires intent for a battery charge. Next, a person cannot negligently batter somebody. Thus, if you intentionally hit another person, that is battery. However, Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer Tikhvinskiy warns that simple willful pushing in the bus is also a battery. Moreover, taking a phone from your spouse when he or she does not want to give it back is battery as well. At the same time, this is domestic battery. Chicago Criminal Attorney Tikhvinskiy explains the charge of domestic battery on this page.

Penalties for Simple Battery in Illinois.

A simple battery is a Class A misdemeanor. Previously, Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney Tikhvinskiy explained penalties for Class A misdemeanors on this page. Battery conviction will have terrible impact on your life. As a result of that conviction, you will have a permanent criminal record. Subsequently, it will always show up on background check for job or rental housing applications. Additionally, the court could limit or completely deny visitation rights to your kids. Finally, if you have a battery conviction on your record and later convicted of another crime, the court will consider your battery conviction. Consequently, you will get a tougher sentence in the new case. Therefore, you should avoid battery conviction at all cost!

Tough Defense in Violent Crimes Charges.

With the guidance of Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney Tikhvinskiy, you may be able to avoid a conviction and get your life back. First, there are defenses available in battery cases. The most well-known is self-defense. However, every case is different and requires thorough legal analysis. Next, court supervision is available for battery charges. That sentence allows a person to avoid a conviction on his or her criminal record. Finally, the prosecutor could amend the charge of battery, for example, to the charge of reckless conduct.

Do Not Put Your Future at Stake. Call Chicago Battery Criminal Defense Attorney Now!

Certainly, there is almost zero chance that you will be able to handle a battery case without a lawyer. Thus, you need to call Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney Tikhvinskiy as soon as possible for a free and confidential consultation. Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer Tikhvinskiy knows the laws and procedures necessary to defend clients who are facing battery charges. Moreover, Chicago Battery Criminal Defense Attorney will work hard to seek the dismissal of your case or the reduction of your battery charges. He will fight zealously to get the best possible outcome for you!




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