Criminal Defense Chicago Attorney
Criminal Defense Chicago Attorney

Call Criminal Defense Chicago Attorney if You Have Questions Concerning Criminal Law

Fist, as a criminal defense Chicago attorney, I would warn you that it is a terrible idea to represent yourself in court. It is important to realize that your chances to successfully resolve your case drop dramatically without professional legal representation. Regretfully, very often, people think that they can take care of their criminal case. As a result, I will repeat that it is a very bad idea. First, practicing as a criminal defense attorney requires knowledge of the law, court procedures, local rules, case law and many other things. Second, it requires experience. Finally, to successfully defend my clients’ rights’, I never stop learning and improving my trial skills.

Call Criminal Defense Chicago Attorney Early to Increase Your Chances to Fight Your Case

In the first place, I can compare representing yourself in a criminal case to performing a surgery by yourself on your own body. As a matter of fact, if I have a medical issue, I go to the professional doctor right away. Thus, a person who has a legal issue also should not procrastinate and call criminal defense Chicago attorney Tikhvinskiy as soon as possible. It is not a secret that every criminal case is an emergency. For example, you could think that you are a suspect. Next, police officer wants to interrogate you. Maybe, police or a social worker at school asked your kids questions about you. Of course, you should call criminal defense Chicago attorney if you or your loved one was arrested. I believe that legal representation at the earliest possible time is the best course of action for you. Act fast and call!

My Philosophy of Fighting Criminal Cases

I never use a wait and see approach when my client’s life, freedom, family, career and future is on stake. Thus, you should immediately bring criminal defense Chicago attorney on your case to start defending your rights. On the day I am hired, I start building the aggressive defense strategy and negotiating with prosecutors. Sometimes, that early intervention allows to persuade them that they do not have a strong case. As a result, charges against you could be significantly reduced or even dropped!

Thorough Investigation of Your Case

It is important to investigate any case as soon as possible. For criminal defense Chicago attorney, it does not matter whether it is a complex white-collar case or a DUI. Here, your future is at stake. Criminal Defense Attorney in Chicago will always listen to your story. However, this is only the beginning. Criminal Defense Attorney in Chicago leaves no stone unturned looking for evidence that could help us to break the criminal case.

Pre-trial Motions

Police officers are people. As everybody knows, people make mistakes. Thus, policemen make mistakes as well. Usually, they make a lot of them. For example, they could violate your rights, make procedurals errors, lose evidence, mistakenly delete important video. Attorney Tikhvinskiy, as a criminal defense Chicago attorney, saw that many times. As a result, those mistakes allow criminal defense Chicago attorney to file pre-trial motions. Usually, there are a lot of motions available in criminal cases. Sometimes, just sending a motion to the prosecutor without filing it could get you a great deal. It does not matter how prosecutors think strong their case is. There always could be a mistake that could cause their case start falling apart.

Jury Trials and Bench Trials

If criminal defense Chicago attorney Tikhvinskiy believes that the state has a week case, he will aggressively represent you in a jury or bench trial. However, it is a very important decision to set a case for a bench or a jury trial. Thus, this is the decision that you will make together with Criminal Defense Attorney in Chicago after carefully reviewing all strengths and weaknesses of the case.

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