Motor Vehicle Theft Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer
Motor Vehicle Theft Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Since 1991, vehicle theft in Illinois has dropped nearly 77 percent. Notably, it happened because Illinois laws severely punish people who steal motor vehicles. At the same time, Illinois auto theft laws do not have the offense of grand theft auto. In contrast, Illinois general theft statute covers offenses that involve stealing motor vehicles. Thus, 720 ILCS 5/16-1, applies.

The Definition of Motor Vehicle Theft Explained by Motor Vehicle Theft Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer.

As a result, under 720 ILCS 5/16-1, a person commits motor vehicle theft if he or she knowingly does the following. First, if he or she exercises unauthorized control over another’s car. Second, if he or she uses deception to gain control of another person’s vehicle. Third, if he or she threatens a person to gain control of a car. Fifth, he or she gets a stolen car and knows that the car is stolen. Finally, the person must intend to keep the car for a period of time instead of returning it to the owner. Above all, this intent makes motor vehicle theft from criminal trespass to vehicles.

Criminal Trespass to Vehicles Is Different From Motor Vehicle Theft.

Illinois auto theft laws make a distinction between criminal trespass to vehicles or joyriding and motor vehicle theft. In fact, the difference between criminal trespass to vehicle and motor vehicle theft revolves around how long you wanted to keep the car you took. First, if you wanted to take a car for a short ride, there is a good chance that a prosecutor will charge you with criminal trespass to vehicles. However, if you wanted to keep the car forever or for a long period of time, the state will charge you with motor vehicle theft. Finally, if you used violent force to take the car, you will be charged with vehicle hijacking or aggravated vehicle hijacking.

Hire Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer Tikhvinskiy to Fight Your Motor Vehicle Theft Charges.

After you hire Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer Tikhvinskiy, he will use all his skills, experience, and knowledge to find the strongest legal defense possible! Certainly, there are several defenses available to you. First, the lack of intent. As a matter of fact, prosecutors will have to show that you had the intent to steal the vehicle instead of just joyriding it. This is critical for them! Often, it is a critical target point for an experienced Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer Tikhvinskiy.

Car Owner’s Consent Defense in Motor Vehicle Theft Charges.

Sometimes, it is possible to argue that you believed that the owner allowed you to drive the car. Maybe, there was a break-down in communication between you and the owner. As a result, the owner forgot to set the exact time for you to return the vehicle. Possibly, you thought that you had permission to take the car. Next, it could have happened that the owner gave you permission to use the car. However, later, accused you of stealing it. Often, that happens when people break up their relationships.

Sanctions for Motor Vehicle Theft Charges in Illinois.

Generally, sanctions depend on the value of the vehicle. However, vehicle theft is always a felony. Additionally, sanctions depend on who owns the car. First, it is a Class 3 Felony if the car’s price is over $500 but less than $10,000. Second, it is a Class 2 Felony if the car’s price is over $10,000 but less than $100,000. Thirds, it is a Class 2 Felony if the car belongs to the government. Fifth, it is a Class 1 Felony if the car’s value is over $10,000 but less than $100,000. Next, it is also a Class 1 Felony, if the car belongs to the government and costs more than $10,000. Finally, auto theft in Illinois could be a Class 1 Felony and a Class X Felony.

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