Chicago Theft Criminal Defense Attorney
Chicago Theft Criminal Defense Attorney

Chicago Theft Criminal Defense Attorney Explained the Criminal Offense of Theft.

Keep in mind that there are different kinds of theft offenses in Illinois. First, those theft offenses vary by the value of the property that a person stole. Second, those theft crimes differ by where that person took that property. Third, how that person took it. Moreover, Chicago Theft Criminal Defense Attorney would like to stress that under Illinois law, even a conviction of a petty theft, is a serious offense and could carry up to a year a jail. Next, depending on your criminal record, a conviction for a property crime could lead to lengthier jail terms. Additionally, the conviction for a crime against property will permanently and forever affect the life of a person. Finally, it will appear in your background check report. Thus, it could affect your ability to get certain jobs, obtain a college degree, borrow money from the bank, or keep a professional license.

Consequences of Theft Conviction in Illinois.

As an attorney who represent a lot of recent immigrants, I want to stress that almost any crime against property is a crime of “moral turpitude.” Therefore, a person who is a permanent resident and convicted of that crime could be deported. Next, many retail theft cases involve young people who stay in the United States on student visas. As a Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney, I should warn you that a simple misdemeanor shoplifting will destroy your future and your ability to stay in the United States. Almost always, prosecutors will not give you a “pass” just because of your age! Thus, do not take your theft charges lightly.

Chicago Theft Criminal Defense Attorney Tikhvinskiy Protects Rights of People Charged with Theft.

Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney Tikhvinskiy has the resources, experience, skills and character to provide you with the best representation if you have to fight your criminal charges. Attorney Tikhvinskiy proved that he is able to get the best possible outcome in theft and other crimes against property. Furthermore, Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney Tikhvinskiy helped many people to obtain a reduction or dismissal of their charges. Thus, if you are charged with theft, do not hesitate to call Attorney Tikhvinskiy at (312) 583-7345! The first consultation is always free and 100% confidential.




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