Chicago Bribery Criminal Defense Attorney
Chicago Bribery Criminal Defense Attorney

If You Have Questions About Corruption in Illinois, Call Chicago Bribery Criminal Defense Attorney.

In Illinois, public officials must follow strict federal and state anti-corruption laws. However, there are still numerous cases of bribery each year in Illinois. Most of these cases are simple and involve public officials and police officers. Nevertheless, there are cases that involve high-level public officials and politicians. Therefore, bribery is a complex and serious crime. Thus, if you do not understand the terms, bribery can be very confusing. For instance, sometimes, it is hard to determine whether an action is a bribery without understanding how Illinois law determines who a public official is. Moreover, you could be charged with bribery at the state, federal, and international levels. Always, odds are stacked against you in those cases. Therefore, it is extremely important to retain an experienced Chicago bribery criminal defense attorney Tikhvinskiy to defend you.

How Illinois Law Defines What Bribery Is.

Specifically, Illinois law defines bribery in 720 ILCS 5/33-1. According to 720 ILCS 5/33-1, a person commits bribery when he or she does one of the following. First, tenders any property to a public officer, juror, or witness to make them act in a specific way. Second, if he or she tenders a property to a person that he or she believes is a government official. Chicago bribery criminal defense attorney Tikhvinskiy will give you an example of that in the next paragraph. Third, a person commits bribery when he or she promises to give something of value to a public officer. Thus, offering a bribe is the same as giving a bribe. Fourth, when you receive something to influence the performance of any act of any public official. Finally, if you ask or receive any property pursuant to an understanding that in exchange you will influence a public official.

Examples of Bribery by Chicago Bribery Criminal Defense Attorney Tikhvinskiy.

Of course, you will commit bribery if you give concert tickets to a public official to change government documents for you. However, if you give a bribe to an undercover officer, who is not a government official, to change documents for you, you will commit bribery as well. Next, even if you just offer money to a public officer to change any public records, you will be guilty of bribery. At the same time, bribery is a two-way street. If the government official receives money for forging documents, he or she will be guilty of bribery too.

Sanctions for Bribery Explained by Chicago Bribery Criminal Defense Attorney Tikhvinskiy.

Above all, bribery is always a Class 2 Felony Offense. According to Illinois law, you could spend three to seven years in a state prison. Additionally, you will pay a hefty fine of up to $25,000. Next, a public corruption charge will ruin your career. Sometimes, you will lose your pension. Finally, if the state charged you with bribery, you should expect intensive media coverage. Thus, your personal life will be affected.

Defending Illinois Bribery Charges.

Often, there are different ways to beat a bribery charge. Of course, it starts with the understanding of the nuances of corruption laws. Chicago criminal defense attorney Tikhvinskiy is a seasoned trial lawyer who has proven his dedication, tenacity, and determination to fight for his clients. First, Chicago criminal defense attorney Tikhvinskiy can prove that you were “entrapped.” For example, an undercover police officer lured you to commit bribery. Second, the state must prove every element of the crime of bribery. Finally, there are other defenses available. However, returning the bribe is never a defense. If a public official agrees to accept a bribe, at that moment, he commits bribery. Take it seriously!

Contact Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney Tikhvinskiy to Fight Your Charges.

First and foremost, if you are facing any charges in connection with bribery, you should start working with a knowledgeable Chicago criminal defense attorney Tikhvinskiy as soon as possible. That will allow Chicago criminal defense attorney Tikhvinskiy to collect and preserve all evidence. Next, it will help to create the most comprehensive and efficient defense strategy. Always, Chicago criminal defense attorney Tikhvinskiy fight aggressively to protect the rights of his clients. Moreover, Chicago criminal defense attorney Tikhvinskiy represents clients in Chicago, the Greater Chicago Area, Cook County, Lake County, McHenry County, Kane County, DuPage County, Will County, Kendall County, Grundy County, Winnebago County, Boone County and all over Illinois. The first consultation is 100% free and always confidential! Call at (312) 583-7345!




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