Hijacking Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer
Hijacking Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer

In 2021, Hijacking Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer Tikhvinskiy Awards Hijacking as a Top Hit Crime of 2020.

Hijacking is a robbery of a motor vehicle. It is different from car theft. Car theft happens when a person tries to still a car when nobody sees him. In contrast, hijacking is similar to robbery. In fact, Hijackers use force or threaten a driver who is in a vehicle. As a matter of fact, the crime of hijacking is a Class 1 felony. However, carjacking could be a Class X felony as well. Firstly, a state can charge a person with Class X felony hijacking when the offender fired the firearm. Secondly, when the hijacker caused great bodily harm and in some other instances.

Incidents of hijacking are on the rise in Chicago.

For example, in 2019, the Chicago police department reported 502 hijackings. At the same time, in 2020, more than 1,400 hijackings were reported around Chicago. Hence, hijackings rose about 135% and continue to rise. Of course, this is a big problem for Chicago.

Hijackers Use All Kinds of Weapons.

As a result, that affected even the first responders. For instance, hijackers shot Dwain Williams, who was a retired Chicago Fire Department Lieutenant. He engaged in a shootout with them and got shot 3 times. Important to realize that hijackers use not only guns. As an illustration, hijackers used firearms in 45% of hijackings. Secondly, hijackers used knives in 11% hijackings and other dangerous weapons in 18% of other hijackings.

COVID Contributed to the Surge.

At the present time, police says that many factors contributed to that surge. Firstly, a lot of people wear masks right now because of coronavirus. Thus, people got used to see people in masks everywhere. As a result, people do not find suspicious when a person who wears a mask approaches their car. Therefore, it is easier for carjackers to get closer to a driver, Consequently, it is more complicated for the police to trace suspects using surveillance cameras.

School Closures and Hijackings.

Next, a lot of experienced police officers retired recently. Most important, Hijacking Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer believes that mass school closures contributed to the problem of hijacking. As I have noted, many schools are closed, and kids are not in schools. Minneapolis Police Commander Charlie Adams reported that juveniles from 9 to 17 were responsible for 80% of hijackings and robberies. For that reason, the average age of the offenders is between 15 and 20 according to police. Kids often work in crews and report their victories in social media. Regretfully, kids are easily inspired by stories, for example, about GTA Gang. Therefore, Hijacking Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer warns parents to watch their kids.

How Not to Become a Victim of Hijacking explained by Hijacking Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer Tikhvinskiy.

Firstly, try to avoid driving alone at night. Presently, about 90 percent of hijackings happen when victim is driving alone. Thus, Uber and Lyft drivers are particularly at risk. Recently, carjackers took Uber driver’s 2016 Mercedes. Secondly, if you have to drive alone, get in and out of your car quickly, start your engine and drive away. In any event, avoid checking your text messages in the car. Thirdly, leave enough room in front of you when you stop. Fourthly, stay in the car even if somebody hits you and it is a fender-bender. Do not go outside to check the damage. Usually, hijackers will use that if you leave the vehicle. Finally, if you are in the situation when you have to give your car to hijackers, do that. Your life is more important.

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